Lawsuits are often not the best way to resolve disputes. Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. More often, mediation, arbitration, or another form of alternative dispute resolution is faster, cheaper, and less stressful.

A mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission (NCDRC) provides a neutral third-party who can oversee these proceedings. A skilled, experienced mediator can improve the chances for a positive outcome and make the process more satisfying for everyone involved.

NCDRC Certified Mediator

Scott Tippett, a Hagan Barrett partner, is an NCDRC Certified Mediator-Superior Court. In his legal practice, he represents employers, executives, and business leaders in complex commercial and employment disputes. He brings perspective, knowledge, and experience to mediation.

Tippett works with attorneys across the state to resolve disputes through court-ordered mediation, mediation of administrative matters, and pre-litigation mediation and arbitration.