Hagan Barrett litigators have represented businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs in virtually every type of business dispute. Clients, from individual business owners to multinational corporations, rely on us in trial court, on appeal, in arbitration, and in mediation.

Sometimes the best solutions are found outside the courtroom. When your interests would be best served by a creative, non-litigation approach, we’ll pursue those strategies with skill and diligence.

Our goal is always the same: To resolve a dispute in a way that helps you and your business succeed.

Business Disputes

Serving your best interests

Many aspects of operating a business can result in disputes. Our attorneys handle a wide range of issues, including:

  • Shareholder, partnership, and LLC disputes
  • Officer, director, and fiduciary liability matters
  • Contract disputes
  • Unfair trade practices, antitrust, and business tort actions
  • Lender liability actions
  • Commercial collections and creditors rights
  • Securities arbitration

Whether walking into court on your behalf or assessing a possible claim against you, we seek to understand you and your goals. We analyze the circumstances and develop a strategy that best serves your interests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Trade secrets, trademarks, and trade dress

Trade secrets, trademarks, and other intellectual property (IP) are some of your most valuable assets. Your brand and IP are often what distinguishes your business from competitors and provides you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Covenants against competition

Covenants against competition — or “non-compete” agreements — are an important and evolving area of law. Hagan Barrett lawyers are frequently involved in enforcing and defending such actions. We keep a close eye on how the law is changing, and have been involved in some of the cases driving those changes.

The legal procedures in these cases, which can also involve important personal as well as professional relationships, move quickly and are different from other lawsuits. Thanks to years of representing clients on both sides of these matters, our attorneys understand what’s at stake for you.

Public accommodations and fair housing

Property owners and businesses must navigate public accommodations and fair housing regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. Civil rights litigation can be complex, but we have years of experience navigating these matters.

Whether an administrative proceeding before a local government agency, a state lawsuit, or a federal class action, we work closely with clients to defend their interests and find solutions that fit their unique needs.

Hotels, restaurants, property owners, and property managers all have distinct challenges. Hagan Barrett attorneys work closely with them to resolve disputes and minimize disruption to ongoing business.

Real estate and commercial lease disputes

Real estate law is complicated. Disputes involving the transfer, sale, and lease of real property, as well other property rights, often involve large sums and can be critical to a company’s operations and bottom line.

Our lawyers have represented landlords and tenants. We’ve worked on matters involving shopping centers, warehouses, restaurants, and other property types. Your property and rental agreements are critical . To achieve the best possible outcome, hire lawyers who’ve done this before.

Administrative agency and government investigations

Proceedings before administrative agencies and licensing boards are fraught with risk. When government investigators announce they’re looking into your business operations, the stakes and the stress become even higher.

Hagan Barrett understands your priorities and the law. Our attorneys can help you navigate routine matters and unusual circumstances. Our goal always is to help you achieve your goals.

Trust and estate litigation

Disputes involving wills, trusts, and estates are often emotionally charged. The consequences of a poorly handled conflict are not just financial, but can often leave lasting marks on important relationships. Our lawyers can help you negotiate these disputes and find real solutions.

Our litigation attorneys work hand-in-hand with our estate, trust and tax practitioners to find creative, practical solutions that work for you.

Sports and entertainment issues

Conflicts involving sports, sports marketing, and entertainment present unique challenges. Often they are often accompanied by media attention and public relations challenges. Managing these disputes requires creativity, collaboration, and a sensitivity to reputation management.

Hagan Barrett attorneys served as lead trial and appellate counsel to the University of Maryland in its withdrawal from the Atlantic Coast Conference. That matter, like many of our cases, called on our extensive experience before the North Carolina Business Court. Before a sports or entertainment law dispute goes too far, make sure counsel with the experience in the spotlight is on your team.

Alternative dispute resolution

When faced with a legal conflict, you want to achieve the best possible solution. Frequently, alternative dispute resolution practices, including mediation and arbitration, are a better choice than litigation. The Hagan Barrett team has decades of experience with these methods.

Mediation is required in most state and federal court cases. Throughout any engagement, our attorneys work closely with clients to discuss settlement options, strategy, and business solutions. Our attorneys have represented clients in contract disputes, labor and employment issues, shareholder matters, and other areas of law.

If conventional mediation and arbitration practices aren’t the best option, there are other choices. Whether you need a skilled negotiator or a fierce advocate, our attorneys are focused on helping you find solutions.