A labyrinth of state and federal laws governs employer-employee relationships.  Workplace interactions are unique and complex, often with important ramifications. We understand that as a business leader, harmonious relationships between your company and the workforce, and between managers and those they supervise, are essential to achieve your business goals.

Hagan Barrett seeks to prevent employment disputes whenever possible. When employment disputes do happen, we seek creative, efficient solutions to resolve them and get your company and your employees re-focused on business activities.


Mitigating misunderstandings

Our attorneys operate as your business partner in a range of employment law matters, including:

  • Employment and labor law
  • Workers compensation
  • Covenants against competition/non-compete agreements
  • ERISA litigation
  • Executive compensation
  • Rights and duties of officers and directors
  • Trade secrets protection
  • Unfair competition and antitrust issues
  • Civil rights and public accommodations concerns
  • Alternative dispute resolution

We frequently work with businesses’ third-party administrators and insurance carriers to provide counsel on claim avoidance, reporting and investigation, management/cost containment, and second opinions for claim evaluation.

Given your circumstances and the nature of your situation, we seek the best possible outcome for you.

Hagan Barrett is your business partner. We handle disputes, respond to claims against your company, provide policy reviews, and deliver educational seminars to prevent problems.

Our job is to know you — your business, your culture, your people — to help you achieve your goals.