About Hagan Barrett

Leading an organization is challenging. Leaders are driven by organizational and personal goals and must balance those with their commitments to owners, employees, customers, the community, and other stakeholders.

We understand. Each Hagan Barrett lawyer combines deep knowledge of specific areas of law with extensive experience. Our objective is simple: Enable you to achieve your goals.

Sometimes that means entering the courtroom on your behalf as a strategic and energetic advocate. Sometimes it means providing proactive counsel to keep you out of court. And, often, it’s helping you navigate a wide range of issues — real estate and business transactions, employment questions, tax and estate issues, and more — as you work toward your goals.

Success for Hagan Barrett isn’t about the number of trials or appeals we’ve won or the volume of deals we’ve guided to completion. Those are all important, but for us success is simpler: It’s helping ambitious leaders achieve their goals. Ready for attorneys who are as committed to your vision as you are?

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Our focus is simple – helping our clients anticipate and resolve legal issues and letting them focus on their business.
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