“Homeowner Found in Contempt of Court,” is the headline on a recent article in the Northwest Observer, which describes Scott K. Tippett’s success in his representation of residents of the Dorsett Downs subdivision in Stokesdale, NC. They filed a complaint against a neighbor whose property was a public nuisance due to debris, fallen trees, and overgrown foliage. The defendant was judged in contempt of court after he neglected to clean up the property in compliance with the terms of a consent order issued in May 2018.

Photographic evidence of the lack of compliance was filed in court by Tippett in November, after which the defendant was served with a copy of the plaintiffs’ motion for contempt and a notice of a Feb. 4 hearing. The judge ruled that the defendant can avoid jail if on or before Feb. 22 he brings the property into compliance with the terms of the consent order, pays the plaintiff’s attorney fees, and appears before the presiding Civil Superior Court Judge on Feb. 25, 2019 with photographic evidence of compliance.