Thank you, Bob, for being there for me. You have been a beacon for me through the storm! I can’t thank you enough!

Hagan Barrett Is There For MeAppreciative Client

On my behalf as Trustee of a Chapter 7 case, Kurt Seeber and Alex Barrett successfully litigated a complex Adversary Proceeding in bankruptcy brought against a surety and a corporate trustee. The matter took several years from filing to conclusion and involved intricate legal and factual issues regarding both contractual and fiduciary duties and obligations. There was extensive dispositive and other motion practice, significant document discovery, and depositions taken in several states. Our adversaries were extremely well resourced, with multiple lawyers and firms. It was a daunting case to assess, research, plead, discover and pursue. In the end, their remarkable determination, tenacity and skill achieved the rarest of results in bankruptcy – recovery sufficient to pay all claims of creditors in full. It was a stellar performance!

Kurt Seeber and Alex BarrettChapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee, United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of North Carolina

The lawyers of Hagan Barrett have become an integral part of our foreign-owned specialty textile group. They understand the complexities and challenges of our businesses. They keep the strategic objectives of our owners top of mind, helping us to achieve practical, timely and cost-effective solutions. They work closely with GTA and its other partners to mitigate risk in all areas, providing legal assistance in corporate, M&A, real estate, insurance, employment and litigation matters. They are immediately responsive, add value and contribute to our success in countless ways. We rely on Hagan Barrett.

We Rely on Hagan BarrettKim Thompson, CFO, Global Textile Alliance, Inc.